The Gods

The Almighty Gods, the very essence of the land, of life and death and of time itself.

From creation itself sprang the twin gods of End and Beginning, the bright Kyank and her dark brother Mahvan.

As Taureesia settled into its form, a noble creature emerged and flooded the planet. Neró – God of the Sea, the Great, father of the seas and all of the creatures within gave form to the first life of Kyank.

As water came, so did life on land. The grand lion Mori – The God of the Forest nurtured the first trees, and watched with pride as the Godwoods grew to majestic forms.

Far above Neró’s waters and Mori’s forests, a brilliant light burst into existence, setting the winds into motion. Oro, the Skyfather brought the changing weather, as unpredictable and feral as the Phoenix Lord himself.

Just as the world was becoming quiet, an ancient awoke at the centre of the planet, and with Pat’thara’s rise, the mountains of the land rose with him.

Another emerged along with her brothers and sisters, but in her was a dark seed that would one day blossom into a terrible calamity, laying waste to much of the young world. Capturing and containing their broken sister, the once kind creature became Daemon, the Fallen, mother of demons and the seed of Evil. ¨¨

The final god never made his coming known, he merely watched the world unfold. But not from one direction. Tid, the Old Owl watched the past, the present and the future all at once.

Lesser gods exist in the world of Taureesia, but these are the True Gods, the souls of the world and its inhabitants.

The Gods

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