The Dragon Species of Taureesia

The Earthen:

In the age of the gods these gargantuan creatures were shaped from the very ground beneath our feet. Their maker, the god of the earth Pat’thara. They were made in his image, and they are the oldest kind of dragons.

Earthen are usually found deep underground in massive lairs where they raise their young, or slumbering beneath the ground. The pattern of hibernation starts with an Earthen locating a flat area and digging itself into the ground, so that only its back is visible. After over 400 years of hibernation, though, they are easily mistaken for grassy hills. Stories of unfortunate adventurers setting up camp upon an Earthen waking up from its slumber roam the countryside, causing many to avoid hills as camp sites.

The Firebred:

From the flames that engulf the centre of the planet, these ferocious creatures emerged. The first crashed through the rock and earth, until finally bursting onto the surface, causing earthquakes and leaving volcanoes in their wake.

Firebred are the most territorial of the dragons, and keep to their nests at all times. Any place with an ample supply of food is a potential nesting ground for a Firebred. Their lives start when the mother ignites the nest seven months after laying the eggs. The flames awaken the small dragons inside and force them to break out of their confinement within. A Firebred grows quickly, and reaches adulthood at around three years of age. Encounters with Firebred are quick, and usually ends with the unlucky individual being turned into a fried meal. Stories roam the lands about how the flames can melt a man’s armour right off of him.

The Windserpents:

The Windserpents are believed to have first appeared deep within the clouds of Oro the Eagle. Historians, Magi and dragon hunters across the globe still struggle to understand how these creatures came to being in the first place.

Quick and energetic dragons that reside high in the sky. The Windserpents are seen as a sign of good fortune when they follow humans. It is not unusual to find a pack of Windserpents following groups of people.

The Waterborn:

Long and agile, these gentle dragons followed NerĂ³ from beneath the waves, being granted sanctuary within his watery realm.

Incredibly long and curious dragons, Waterborn are a true pleasure to watch. The gentle giants enjoy the company of others, and many are found swimming near cities and villages, occasionally settling their nests there. A few times across the ages a Waterborn or two have aided fishermen in need, bringing them to their homes on the shore. A one on one encounter with a Waterborn is a very weird experience, as the dragon will simply sit and stare at the person in question until the other gets too uncomfortable and moves. No one has yet to figure out why they do this.

The Veiil

The direct descendants of Kyank and Mahvan, the Veiil are powerful magic users, using the primal energies of the world itself to fuel the awesome strength of their magic. It is not yet known how they do this, and no other magic wielder have been able to replicate it so far.

The Veiil take many forms, but all are alike in that their eyes show a vast amount of intelligence, unlike other dragons that are much closer to animals. They breed outside of the atmosphere, past the boundaries of Taureesia. Living eternal lives, the Veiil only have one or two young and bind with a mate for life, unlike the Earthen for instance. The Windserpents and the Firebred still do this.
Encounters with the Veiil are extremely rare. The mysterious creatures always visit lone people, for seemingly no reason at all. Stories tell that they have brought gifts with them, and that the current leader of the Court of Magi, Gn’an, was visited by a Veiil that granted him his powers.

The Dragon Species of Taureesia

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