The clouds gathered as the bright star above Taureesia made the waters of the sea evaporate. Large drops of water fell from the clouds that formed, returning the water to its place of origin in an eternal cycle. From a particularly dense cloud burst a grand, flaming eagle, blotting out the sun with its wings. The Windswept Dragons are direct descendants of Oro, having been made to rule the sky for all eternity.

Oro is the most animal-like god, and is the only one incapable of speech. Shrieks and gestures are his only way of communicating with mortals. The God of the Sky was once caught by a pair of human sorcerers set on harnessing the powers of the eagle, and proving that gods were not immortal. Their actions sparked a devastating conflict, and by the end of it, the sorcerers lay dead, their fortress demolished and Oro was released.

He has not been seen since that day.

Oro is seen as an animal to be feared, but not much more, as he has started to fade into myth and legend.

Oro holds the domains of Tempest and Light


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