The land emerged from a unification war not 6 months ago, and the lords of the realm have bowed their heads before the new ruler, Lord Emperor Tasanto Vallar. With the white city of Liaryn in a sorry state after its violent conquest at the hand of the Vallar family and their armies. Now, with the Dwarven Thane Baern Lutgehr of Karaz Ankor in his employ, reconstruction of the city has finally begun, giving employment to the thousands displaced by the war.
Despite normality returning to the empire, many of the old bloodlines still harbour ill intent towards the Vallar family. In the dark of night agreements are made and deals are struck with unsavoury entities.

At the western shores, the Elves of Se’ryli are regrowing their burnt and mutilated forests, their grief and anger being felt in forests across the land as the Everlasting Madness churns in them. Disturbing reports of a large lion with the horns of a stag have been coming in from several towns near the forests, and excursions into the darkening woods have grown few and far between.

In the northern nation of Ghart, the Thunderlords have begun a ruthless assault on Titansgate, the massive citadel embedded in the Erak Nor mountains; the northernmost frontier of Liadrin.

In the eastern nation of Blamash, rumours are spreading of the mysterious faction Araz Gul resurfacing. Since these rumours began, several of the oases have dried up, and some have simply vanished. The Merchant Lords have been summoned to Metian to discuss the crisis. The meeting coincides with the celebration of Dragon’s Fall.

Far to the south, reports from the Knights Vigilantes of the Eternity Gate have ceased. Due to the unification war of Liadrin, a proper investigation into the matter is in the works, and all involved pray that the Knights Vigilantes still stand by a sealed Eternity Gate.

Taureesia - The Living World

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