Tag: Nation


  • Se'ryli

    The greatest forest on Taureesia, and the birthplace of both the elves and their forest god, Mori, Se'ryli contains many mysteries unknown to foreigners, as the elves have never let anyone pass beyond their sacred trees and into the halls of their …

  • Ghart

    Ghart, homeland of the Giants of Taureesia and the northernmost landmass of the continent. It borders the [[Cold Wastes]], the ice of Ghart kept at bay by the yet unnamed mountains at its borders. The [[Thunderlords | Thunderlords]] have their capital …

  • Liadrin

    Liadrin is the land of man, where the Lords of men had their holds before [[:lord-emperor-tasanto-vallar | Lord Emperor Tasanto Vallar]] unified the realm under his banner. The land is rich and fertile, having given rise to the prosperous nations.